Thursday, August 26, 2010

Seagulls and Sun.

Today was spent taking photos in my backyard with Alex for her university assignment. It was alot of fun and she took some great images. Here is a preview without editing. All images will be up soon so stay tuned.

The night was spent driving up the coast with Regan looking for a good place to watch the sunset. Regan does tend to be indecisive..So when he finally decided on a spot we had to wait approximately 10 minutes for the traffic to pass before we could actually get into the parking lot. By that time, there wasn't much sun left to set , but we still enjoyed it :).

We then made our way to San churro for coffee where a pair of seagulls decided to put on a show for us. That's right people, birds make love. It was the most disturbing thing I have seen in a long time. Following that tantalising display, the male bird jumped into the water to freshen up, while the female bird decided to skip to shower and sit in her own filth for the rest of the night.. what a lady. But the show didn't stop there. Two more seagulls arrived. Seagull number one decided it would throw up it's lunch so that seagull number two could eat it. Half way through, seagull one decided that he didn't wan't to give up his entire lunch and so proceeded to eat his own sick. After tonight I feel as though my hatred for birds is well founded. End of disturbing rant.


  1. I love your satchel bag!

  2. thanks dear :) Its the best I take it everywhere!

  3. i love that sweater+those jeans! I just adore that look to pieces