Saturday, September 4, 2010

Nutella Gate.

Today was spent making a lovely lunch for my beautiful family. There are still piles of dishes on the sink needing to be washed. As far as I'm concerned they can wait, there are more important things in life, like... blogging. I made creamy chicken vol au vents and super rich kit kat chocolate mousse. Genious :)

I must also tell you about a little fiasco yesterday. Regan and I went to the supermarket to get ingredients for my lunch today. At the last minute I asked Regan to wait at the checkout while I went to grab some Nutella. After paying for the items and making our way to another store I realised something peculiar. I was holding an object under my arm. To my surprise it was the Nutella. I had forgotten to put it through the checkout! That might explain why the checkout lady was looking at me funny. If that was the reason then why on earth did'nt she say anything! Never mind. Also below is my lovely new pair of vintage grunge boots (finally), that I picked up for an absolute bargain! Plus my latest granny knit. I can't get enough of them :)

Granny Knit: Thrifted, Grunge boots: Thrifted, Leather Satchel: Thrifted, Brown Socks: Mon Papa
Nutella: Five fingered


  1. The photos look dangerously yummy. :)I am now following you, return the favour, please. :)

    Love from Toronto, Canada