Tuesday, October 19, 2010

S P O R T S G I R L- S U P E R S T Y L I S T F I N A L S

You might remember that I mentioned entering some competitions in the last post ? Well one of the ones I entered was the SportsGirl Superstylist competition and I made it to the first round of finals! :D. In all honesty I really did not expect to even get through to the first round, thats why I decided not to mention it untill I did! hahaha. I had to style a look of 5 outfits which had a running theme, like a magazine shoot. I chose to go with an Americana/Navajo trend since I have so many vintage items corresponding with that trend! You can see my entry here:

Basically each week they choose 5 finalist based on  and people are allowed to vote 'hearts' for thier favourite looks. Then, 5 grand finalists are chosen based on the number of votes they get. If you would be so kind as to vote for me, :D I would be ever so grateful! You do need to have an account so vote, which is slightly annoying but understandable. It really doesn't take very long though, you just need to put in email address, user name etc. And they have some great fashion forums that you can participate in too!

For those of you who are international and dont know what sportsgirl is, you can have a look here:

They have tons of great accessories and clothing but Im not quite sure if they do international shipping.
This is one of the looks I featured, which is kind of what you would expect to see in the last image of a magazine photo story... the 'going out' type look. To be honest, I just really wanted to photograph my vintage sequin top and tried to incorporate it into the Americana theme :) ha
These shots were taken at the same river spot down by my Nans house...

I picked up the little red clutch from a giant garage sale organised by the ParaQuad society in Perth. I remember going there every year when I was little and it was the mosy overwhelming and excited place. I see it a whole new perspective now that I'm older and have a greater appreciation for vintage!

I hope youre all having a good week. I know Im not! Assignment drama has taken hold. I was up until 4:30 am yesterday trying to get one of my law assignment done. I managed to delete about 2 and a half full days of work off my computer in about 2 seconds. By the time I realised what had happened it was too late. Ho hum.

Oh but before I go, guess what... My nan found my lost black ring! Hoorah


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  1. oh and congrats on making it as a finalist ! i thought i recognised you on the site! oh and i am itching to try out the high waisted bathers, cant wait until exams end, good luck on yours!