Thursday, November 4, 2010


Nothing too exciting... Just a few blurry photos from around the house the past few days. Generally while I'm studying I tend to get sucked into a warp hole of distraction... the thought of wondering around the house every hour or so taking photos of inanimate objects tends to draw me in for some reason.

My official Carleton University acceptance came in the mail a couple of days ago too :)

 Looking Uber cool in my study slacks. haha

 So many clashing floral... but I wouldnt have it any other way.

Oh and this is the bob-tail /blue tongue lizard that we found in our backyard the other day. Don't be too alarmed (as I was).. they are very common in Australia. Some people even keep them as pets because they eat snails. My little jack russel was so excited to find it, she was barking so loud and trying to grab the thing but wasnt successful. I tried to lure her inside with some bacon but she resisted. She was way too caught up with this stupid lizard.

I was quite concerned as with this type of lizard, once it grabs onto you with its mouth it doesnt let go! We eventually managed to get her inside by dangling her leash around :). Its a nasty little trick but we really had no option! Anyway, to cut to the case, a friend from the country  was at our house the next day and noticed the thing scratching ON OUR FRONT WINDOW.. yuck... if I had known, I never would have walked out the front to get to my car! Our friend eneded up little taking it away to the wilderness for us... phew!

Far, far away.
I really do not like reptiles.


  1. THAT THING IS HUGE! when i was reading i thought it would only be a little one or something but its massive. yuck yuck yuck

  2. I know its disgusting! Makes me squirm every time I look at it hahahaha

  3. arghh i hate blue tongue lizards aswell
    and i adore the clashing florals

  4. hahaha thankyou dear. So glad hes gone!!