Saturday, January 8, 2011


We are finally here! Our North American adventure has begun. Im currently sitting on the couch(which also doubles as our humble sleeping quarters for the time being) of a new friend,  trying to fit in a blog post before I get deep into my Multinational Management class readings for the week. Theres so much to you all, so many things to share... I dont really know where to start. I suppose Ill start you off with one of my most favourite places on this trip so far, Williamsburg.

Williamsburg is basically the super cool dude part of Brooklyn. Its only one stop into Brooklyn from Manhattan on the L-train. You can't really walk past a single person without thinking to yourself "I love that jacket/those boots/that hair". Plus its packed full of some of the most amazing vintage stores I've ever seen in my life. First of all, there's Beacons Closet on N11th.

This place is like crack for vintage lovers. It was basically a gigantic warehouse full of amazing pieces at relatively decent prices.

Even Regan managed to find an abundance of stuff.

And then...there was this amazing cord cape!

Vintage cacharel.. $20 :)

At first, this place was my new favourite destination of all time. Until drama happened. The day before we headed there Regan bought himself a Nikon D3000  and a new camera bag to go with it. For some reason he insisted on taking his smaller digital camera with us aswell just incase "we need to take a quick snapshot". I really couldn't understand his logic so I tried to persuade him not to take it. He decided not to listen. Anyway, he ended up leaving the  new camera bag and digital camera inside in the changeroom. Regan went back to Beacons closet, after sitting down to lunch and realising the bag was missing but the staff said nothing has been turned it.

It really didnt bother us a whole lot that we had lost a material possession. What got to me was that we would lose some of the first pictures we took when we got to the US. Plus, when we got on our Sanfran to Newyork flight Regan found an ipod in his seat pocket. It was pink, so he asked me if I wanted it. We both decided that we didnt want to risk any bad karma and decided to hand it in... despite the fact that the girl would probably never get it back (United Airlines :-| ).

The next day we decided to stop by Beacons again, just in case. On the way there the girl walking in front of me on the subway steps dropped her credit card without noticing. I picked it up and gave it back to her and thought, surely we have gathered enough good karma to get our stuff back.
and we did :)

The man at the counter miraculously handed over our camera bag, with digital camera in tact.

I have alot more to share but I really must get on with my homework now. We're off to our first Ottawa Sens ice hockey game tonight : )


  1. Ahhh... looks amazing! Hope you two are having a great time, keep posting! Im living vicariously through your awesome holiday! Haha xx

  2. I'm an exchange student in Ontario and I saw you at the ECU meeting before we left :D. I loved your boots! Sorry to be creepy. Your blog is nice! Which university are you at?

  3. oh really? where abouts in ontario are you? Im in Ottawa at Carleton. Are you at U of WO? haha not creepy at all, glad you like it! :)

    Sherine- love your blog! cant seem to find the 'follow' tab though, where is it! :)

  4. Yeah I am at UWO! It's awesome but the town is kinda boring. I'm actually off to NY tomorrow :). If you have any more reccomendations of awesome shops there i'd love to hear! My email is

    :) cya

  5. Thats so great that you got your camera back. And I am so jealous of you! I have never been to America. I love your blog. Let's follow eachother.

  6. it's disappointing no one handed in your new camera :( it is also so nice of you to hand in the ipod :) may good luck come your way!

    ps that vintage store looks amazing!