Thursday, August 19, 2010

Leopard Lust.

Pretty Leopard Things.

I hope to be covered in leopard this season. When I was younger I used to think this leopard teddy would come alive at night, so I always kept her in bed because I figured she would protect me from ghosts :)

(Images:, Etro)

Of course, No body does leopard print better than the Olsens. The amount of times they feature in leopard warrants a blog purely to catalogue leopard looks.

(Images: OlsensAnonymous blogspot)


  1. gotta love leopard... and that pic of all the jeffrey campbell shoes? <3

  2. I looooove that leopard jacket!! :O

  3. absolutely real leopard!

    haha my mum just gave me one of her vintage leopard print coats, now all i need is a tophat and a hermes bag and ill look just like MK. :D

    @Melrose, If only I could afford all of those JC's .sigh.