Friday, September 17, 2010


Double Life

So im sitting here on a Saturday watching Fashion Week on FTV (on silent) while trying to complete my evidence law assignment (which is due Monday), wishing I could be out on the beach with the boyfriend, in some of my newly purchased vintage swimwear . Life gets complicated.

I wanted to share some of my latest finds. I picked up a stunning black velvet vintage wide brim hat for $9 which I absolutley adore. Also, while rummaging through stacks of my Mums old clothes I found a cute little cropped denim jacket lined in shearling (everyone loves a bit of shearling these days right ? haha). I'm also wearing a soft vintage velvet dress in the most amazing colour I have ever seen. It doesnt come up quite right in the pictures but its a darkish violet colour. It came with a long velvet skirt which I plan to turn into a little cape. And last but not least my floor length brown velvet dress.

Black sheer dress: thrifted $5 :)

Purple velvet dress: Vintage, Boots: Justin Roper, Denim jacket: found on shed raid

Brown velvet dress: Vintage, Large briefcase: Vintage, Justin Ropers: Ebay $12, Balck velvet wide brim: Vintage $9, Necklace: Mothers vintage collection

Enjoy your weekend lovely readers!


  1. I loove your satchel bag!

  2. ohh thanks again :)

    I seem to be gathering a rather large collection of them! haha

  3. I have totally totally totally been searching for a hat like that.

  4. you have amazing style.
    luvv ur blog

  5. Ria- isnt she lovely! I was soo excited when I found it I couldnt believe my eyes. It has a lovely fabric bow on the back as well but you cant really see it very well in the photos :(

    Thanks Lola! Thats so nice of you! :)

    Fashionably Black- Thankyou! Its actually more of a lavander purple in real life! But I think the burgundy is cute too haha

  6. So super cool outfits! We just have fallen so much for those boots.
    Keep it up and thanks for sharing!
    All the best
    Midnight Couture Girls

  7. Thanks Jana & Vanessa! oh I love my boots ive been wearing them everyday since I got them :) :)
    p.s lovely blog!