Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Ball x Blog Feature

Sorry I've been out of action for so long. All of my uni work caught up with me so fast and I've been completely consumed by it. To make matters worse my internet and computer have been playing up for the past 2 weeks. Its such a pain having to sit in the library on campus and put up with :

1) Some girl skyping her boyfriend (without ear phones). Seriously ?

2) A bunch of homophobes sitting next to me blabbering on about thier 'gay-hate'. I was close to running my mouth off at them but I kept my cool

3) Another girl talking on her mobile for all the world to hear.

Guh, where do they find these people ?

The end of the week ended well though. I decided to go the the North Law Society Ball so that I could wear my new vintage dress. Sorry for the poor photo quality. Between many bottles of champagne and singing a very bad rendition of 'Sex on Fire' on the microphone, there wasnt much time for quality photo taking.

Also, I thought I would let you all know about my very first feature! The lovely ladies at Fashionablyblack have done a lovely little feature on my blog including an interview. Here is a snippet:

What advice would you give to someone wanting to be more fashionable?
"Don’t buy clothes simply based on the brand! I always hear people say something to the effect of 'oh but its [insert high end fashion label here].' That to me means nothing if it looks hideous! Buy for your shape and style and forget the label. It’s very easy these days to spend very little money on items that are quality.”

You can see the entire feature here:

Fashionablyblack features styles from established and up and coming bloggers from around the globe. I absolutely love it. Thankyou ladies!


  1. I love your dress,it adorable.
    So here we are,i like your blog and i check out it when i can.
    So,please check-follow-comment my blog!
    Yours faithfully,


  2. congrats on the feature!
    that dress is stunning :)

    haha there is always room for bad singing, particularly when it involves champers!


  3. omg that sequined/sprakled dress you have on is AMAZING!

    i follow fashionably black blog too and that's awesome for you. Can't wait for my first feature lol ;)



  4. You look beautiful in that dress. I love the clutch too..is it vintage?

    Thanks for the shoutout! We were happy to feature you!