Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Its been a long, long time my friends. Yes it has. Ive been organising all of those annoying last minute 'things' that need to be organised before one travels. I havn't even started packing. Thats another adventure, for another week. I'm not planning to take much though. A few Winter basics should get me through to first few weeks. The rest will be down to some foreign op- shopping luck. I've never actually shopped second hand overseas! It will either be a complete disaster or the discovery of a wonderful 'new' world.

I've also been trying to get everything together for the re-launch of LadyMaple Vintage. All the stock is ready to go (bar a few dresses which need to be hemmed) and the new logo is done. I just need to gather some more energy in order to complete all of the photos, editing, listing etc... I've been sick for the last week so energy has scarce. Hopefully with a little more vit C and zinc, as the doctor has suggested, I will be up and running like normal within the next few days. In between all of this I have managed to go on a few vintage hunts for myself and for the store : )

I picked up this vintage Betsey Johnson dress which I absolutely adore. Its hard to come by desginer vintage in Perth op shops, so when I saw this I was pretty amazed. The only other designer vintage item I have is a cute little black Moschino belt. The dress is black velvet and covered in little copper cats. I for one am not a cat person... but that wont stop me from loving this dress :D.

Fifi isnt a cat lover either but she doesn't seem to mind.


  1. a long time yes, but at least it was worth it!
    i find cats kind of creepy but they have made me want this dress...the only problem with vintage-i know i will probably never find the exact same dress

  2. I can definitely agree that cats are suuupppper creepy! Its so difficult to see what they're thinking. Whereas dogs wear there hearts on their sleeve! haha. I tried to see if there was a similar dress online but couldnt find anything :(

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