Monday, December 13, 2010


So last weekend Regan and I had a little get together at his place with some of our friends to bid farewell. It was a really fun night and we were really happy to see all of our friends together in the same place for the last time until next year! The only thing I wasn't too happy with was the person that decided to put a chicken wing in the coffee pot... those chicken wings were so delicious, so it was a bit of a waste. Luckily Regan knows his friends well enough that he decided to check the pot before making a cup of coffee the next morning : ). I wore a completely sheer black maxi batwing dress with black garments underneath. I would love to show you all of the pictures but Regan has them so I'll post them once I steal his memory card :). I do have one picture from a friend though!

I've started thinking about what I'll be taking with me to Canada and I've been collecting lots of jackets and warm things when I go vintage shopping. Here are a few of the jackets etc that I've picked up so far...

1. Wool camel blazer. This blazer is my absolute favourite. It's pure wool with a soft fur collar. As soon as I saw it I though of Chloe'. It comes with a matching wool skirt that I'll have to alter a little bit to make it wearable :)

2. This vintage baby pink jacket is suppperrr soft and warm. You can't really see it in the pictures but its covered in really soft, white ..'fluffy stuff' I guess. It sounds wierd but I assure you it's not. It's lovely.

3. My staple anorak. Very thick with lots of pockets and a hood. I think it will be perfect for the chilli Canadian snow storms. hahah. I wouldn't say it's vintage but it is second hand. It looks new without tags and everyone that has seen it so far is amazed that I managed to pick it up for $10! Its good quality and I get the feeling I'll be wearing it almost everyday.

4. Vintage leopard trench coat that was gifted to me by my Mum. Its a great statement jacket that will be perfect for those days when I don't feel like wearing all black and looking super boring.

4. Vintage azteck wool jacket. I have to confess that Regan actually picked this out for me. I was browsing the racks and he picked it up and started gloating about the fact that he knows how to 'pick them' or something. I didnt want to give in at first but I did end up trying it on. Plus, it was half price :). The more I look at it the more I love it. Its one of those jackets that will work well layered under a black trench or parka jacket. 

5. Faux fur super long trench. The tag on this says its made by a fur company... which is odd because the fibers are synthetic. Im not sure if fur companies made synthetic jackets in their lines aswell ? Anyway, that brings me to a topic that I would love to do a post about this week sometime. Basically, I want to know if you think its ok to wear vintage fur? Im hoping for some good discussion on the matter so have a think about it and make sure you tell me your thoughts on my next blog post!!

I'm trying not to pack too much since I've heard that shopping in Canada is much better than it is here.. but it's hard not to keep buying all of the wonderful jackets I'm seeing in op shops this month. Since it's summer there's plently of wonderful winter things for me to choose from! I was planning to go op shopping again today but I checked my bank account last night and figured I should best stay home. haha.

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