Tuesday, April 29, 2014


It’s the skirt of the season, and one of the easiest skirts to make. 
So get your sewing boots on follow suit. Scroll down for your DIY instructions.

Step 1: Choose your fabric.
I choose a very fiddly silk patterned fabric (because it was on sale at the fabric store), but I would normally suggest using a stretch so you won’t need to bother with hems.

Step 2: Measure
To find out how much fabric you will need, measure around your waist (at the level you want your skirt to sit). Then double this measurement to get the length of fabric you will need.

Step 3: Stitch a tube
Fold about 5 cms of the fabric over at the top, then pin and stitch to make a ‘tube’. Once you have this tube, thread some elastic through it. For elastic threading instructions, see my previous post here:

Step 4: Sew it up
Now line up the raw sides, right sides kissing each other, pin and stitch.

Step 5: Frolick 
Enjoy your new skirt by frolicking upon rooftops in the autumn, enjoying the view

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